brown bison

(Real Talk)

For every Bison Mat you purchase, we will donate a percentage of the sales to the Buffalo Field Campaign to stop the slaughter of Yellowstone's wild free roaming bison.

The Last of Their Kind
Today, less than 4,700 wild American bison remain in the United States, mainly in the Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone bison represent America’s last wild bison, which is ecologically, behaviorally and genetically unique.

A Dark History
More than 30 million American bison once roamed North America before they were systematically slaughtered to near-extinction. At the beginning of the 20th century, only 23 wild American bison remained in the United States, within the refuge of Yellowstone National Park under the guard of the U.S. Army.

Slaughtering Continues
One hundred years later, the number of bison has reached 4,500 in Yellowstone. The slaughtering, however, still continues. The Bison are forced to be kept within a certain park perimeter, which forbids them to follow their nomadic instincts. The slaughtering has been otherwise named as hazing, relocation, wildlife management, etc in order for it to be kept a secret. 

We Care (Seriously!)
Bison Mats supports the Buffalo Field Campaign because it proposes a more rational, natural, and humane bison management approach. If the killing is not stopped, the survival of America’s last wild bison will become endangered.

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